Contractors and Test Labs

Making Flatness and Levelness test Fast and Easy

Instant F Number system report

Instant Waviness Index plot

Instant Deviation from 10-Feet (3 meter) Straightedge

Works as a Marketing Tool

The FloorPro is a valuable marketing for providing your company’s quality of work. Consistently demonstrated and accurate flatness results give your company and edge over the competition and assure owners satisfaction.

Reduces the Test time

The FloorPro rolls under its own power at 40 feet per minute and immediately three tolerance result can be displayed at the end of each survey line: F-numbers (ASTM E 1115), Waviness Index (ASTM E 1486), 10-feet Auto Straightedge (ACI 117).

FloorPro gives you immediate results

Immediate flatness results help contractor crews produce flatter floors. Effect of changes made in installation procedures can be evaluated without waiting for lab reports.  Focus on the flatness goal helps improve teamwork.  Immediate FloorPro results establish your field credibility with the builders, avoid contract disputes, reduce repair costs, and save money.

Print ready available to submit report

The included TruFlat software provides the test labs and contractors with computer printout of reports suitable for the owner’s engineer and consulting company. For contractors who prefer to just record the results of each line on paper and tell their flatness crews the results. TruFlat provides a permanent record of job flatness results

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