Floor construction

Floor flatness is the important factor in all warehouse floors. The challenge is the efficient use of floors layout. These include space, machine and equipment. TK Flat Floor has a wide range of abilities to provide high quality concrete flooring services with the effective cost

We committed the variety of serviceable range:

  • Design and Construction process
  • Mocking and forming the ….
  • Screed floor by laser screed machine
  • Joint control or even without Joint
  • Super flat Floor construction
  • Repairing floor by laser grinding
  • Burnished concrete floor

Design and Construction process

We offer the complete methods of flooring design and construction to customer. No matter what issue is in consideration, we shall always come up with design standard cover done by the international professional organization, known as Face Consultants.

Face Consultants has a major role in coordination between the logistic industry and Construction industry. The key point is to comprehend the requirements and capabilities of one another to make a good deal with the least possibility of problems in the future.

The term of design is including not only the structural points of view but down deep in detail about specification. Well-planned design guides you an avoidance of over-specified standard which needlessly costs you more. Staying on the track with Face consultant will provide you a well-fitted design for your floor requirement and purposes in practical.


Mocking and forming the pouring area

No matter how flat of your floor is, it completely has no use if the equipment can be slipping during the application. This mean the floor has failed in elevation. Flatness always comes with levelness

Mocking is the process to control the elevation of the finished floor. The slab surface would be leveled exactly the same as the pre-setup woody forms around the pouring area. This is the importance to achieve the levelness.

We offer the procedure to make use of the dip-stick equipment from Face Consultant to verify the level of the woody form prior to spreading concrete. Based on the standard, the woody form level has a tolerance within +-1mm.

Assure the accurate level of the woody form prior to start pouring the concrete or you forget about the next step and so on.

Screed floor by laser screed machine

Using the Somero SXP laser screed machine, we can lay the specified (FM-number system or TR34 Document) tolerant concrete of the free movement floor up to 3000 cubic meter within a single day.

Depending on the pour area size we are dealing with, some area has a limited size with high tolerance control. We offer smaller laser screed machine and power rake to reach up to the area when the large laser screed cannot be used

Joint control or even without Joint

Because cracks on the finished concrete slab is normal behavior of the concrete shrinkage, cutting joint is then performed to keep a guide for the random crack through the predetermine line on the floor.

For the free movement traffic, apart from the construction joint, one bay should be cut to the section size of 3x3 meters approximately.

On the other hand, in the defined movement traffic, Jointing is not allowed. We offer the dramix 5D technology to solve the specification. This triple hooked-end fiber provides adequate micro tensile force to the cement phase against concrete shrinkage forces.

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Surface finishing

Use check rod highway straightedge to reduce bumps and fill low spots

Features of Laser Screed

Increase floor flatness

Higher productivity

Less from work and less labor

Edge Finishing

Ensure the better jointing system

Pan Float

Finishing with pan float for increasing flatness

Final Finishing Floor

Obtaining the Burnished Finish